The strong and courageous woman

Saint Mary was a courageous woman who stood by Jesus even when the crowds turned against him and even though she knew he would face a tragic death. At the very end, she is there, standing, looking at her son on the cross. Maybe she heard comments: ‘Look, there is the mother of one of the three delinquents.’ But she remains. Silent. She is the mother, she does not deny her son. From the cross her son says, "'woman', behold your children." He doesn’t say 'mother,' he says 'woman', a strong, courageous woman! The scene of Mary at the foot of the cross is something to be contemplated in silence rather than explained.

  • According to Catholic and Eastern Christian teachings, at the end of her earthly life God raised her body directly into heaven; this is known in the Christian West as the Assumption.
  • Mary has been venerated since early Christianity, and is considered by millions to be the most meritorious saint of the religion. She miraculously appeared to believers many times over the centuries.
  • Mary also has the highest position in Islam among all women.She is mentioned in the Quran more often than in the New Testament,where two of the longer chapters of the Quran are devoted to her and her family.