Famous Proverbs

1] Garbage in, garbage out
2] Pride goes before a fall
3] Ignorance is the peace of life
4] He knows which side his bread is buttered
5] Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it
6] The Friar Preached against stealing and had a goose in his sleeve
7] Facts are more eloquent than oratory
8] What is worse than ill luck?
9] A man with no hands is given a ring.
10] Ill news comes unsent for.
11] Be just before you are generous
12] Time has wings
13] He who rides on a tiger can never dismount
14] Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.
15] Better never begin than never make an end
16] You cannot have your cake and eat it
17] Waste makes wants
18] His bark is worse than his bite
19] Like question, like answer.
20] Repentance comes too late
21] He who seizes the right moment is the right man
22] A jack of all traders is master of none
23] Forewarned is forearmed
24] An honorable man would rather be a chicken’s beak than the rump of an ox.
25] Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!
26] Gluttony kills more than the sword
27] If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus
28] Valour delights in the test
29] Even the compelling beauty of the Diamond Mountain cannot be appreciated when the stomach is empty
30] He that will not have peace, God gives him war
31] Take things as you find them
32] Better be safe than sorry
33] It’s either not to begin or not to stop once you’ve begun
34] There is nothing new under the sun
35] A good paymaster needs no surety
36] The effect speaks, the tongue need not
37] Great barkers are no biters
38] It is a great victory that comes without blood
39] He that sows thistles shall reap prickles.
40] How who makes no mistakes, makes nothing.
41] Better sit still than rise and fall
42] Don’t hide your light under a bushel
43] Money has no smell
44] He that the devil drives, feels no lead at his heels
45] God defend me from my friends; from enemies, I can defend myself.
46] Affection blinds reason
47] Fair play’s a jewel
48] The longest (or farthest) way round is the nearest (or shortest) way home.
49] Experience is good if not bought too dear
50] He who does not kill hogs, ill not get black puddings
51] A thousand cranes in the air are not worth one sparrow in the fist.
52] While there is life, there is hope
53] When the word is out it belongs to another
54] Clothes do not make the man
55] Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise
56] He that blows best, bears away the horn
57] There would be no great ones if there were no little ones
58] Sooner will men hold fore in the mouth than keep a secret
59] There is honour among thieves
60] Where bad’s the best, bad must be the choice
61] He that shows his purse, longs to be rid of it
62] Give me fire and I’ll give you light
63] He that knows little often repeats it
64] No one betrays himself by silence
65] If fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your tooth
66] If you pile up enough sand, you can make a pagoda
67] Heaven helps those who help themselves
68] Dying is as natural as living
69] Give the devil his due
70] A piece of churchyard fits every body
71] In doing we learn.
72] Death and life are in the power of the tongue
73] It is ill sitting at Rome and striving against the pope
74] Time lost cannot be recalled
75] The love of money is the root of all evil
76] Expectation is better than realisation
77] The cowl does not make the monk.
78] It is not easy to steal when the landlord is a thief
79] Good advice is often annoying, bad advice never.
80] It chances in an hour, that appears not in seven years
81] Wisdom is neither inheritance nor legacy
82] A pot that belongs to many is ill stirred and worse boiled
83] Enough is enough
84] He that travels far knows much
85] Wine does not intoxicate men; men intoxicate themselves
86] Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die.
87] Experience is a dear school, but fools learn in no other
88] The end makes all equal
89] A house divided against itself cannot stand
90] An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest
91] The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor
92] The best horse needs breaking, and the aptest child needs teaching
93] Books and friends should be few but good
94] Give a clown your finger, and he will take your hand
95] It is safer to hear and take counsel, than give it.
96] Put not the bucket too often in the well
97] It is easier to pull down than to build
98] He that keeps not crust not crumb, shall ever want some
99] Virtue is the only true nobility
100] A penny saved is a penny gained