Famous Proverbs

1] He that touches pitch shall be defiled
2] He that will thrive, must rise at five; he that has thriven, may lie till seven; but he that will never thrive may lie till eleven
3] You cannot sell the cow and sup (or drink) the milk
4] The devil looks after his own
5] You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs
6] If an ass goes a – traveling, he’ll not come home a horse
7] The last suitor wins the maid
8] Happy is the country (or nation) that has no history
9] Fear the Greeks (or Beware of Greeks) bearing gifts
10] Great actions speak minds
11] A good servant should never be in the way and never out of the way
12] True doctrines require no miracles
13] Death alone can kill hope
14] What is the good of a sundial in the shade?
15] You may force a man to shut his eyes but you can’t make him sleep
16] If anything can go wrong, it will
17] The wise forget an insult, as the ungrateful a kindness
18] Better die a beggar than live a beggar
19] The worst wheel of the cart creaks most
20] Water far away will not extinguish a fire that is nearby; relatives far from you are not as good as neighbours close to you.
21] A good horse cannot wear two saddles
22] What can’t be cured must be endured
23] The tongue is more to be feared than the sword
24] A little help is worth a deal of pity
25] The great would have none great, and the little all little
26] Many would be cowards, if they had courage enough
27] Birds of a feather flock together
28] The pitcher goes often to the well that it is broken at last
29] A good conscience is a sure card
30] Wedlock is padlock
31] The least boy always carries the greatest fiddle
32] Dogs bite twice those who wear ragged clothes.
33] Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs
34] A penny saved is a penny gained
35] He that is long a-giving knows not how to give
36] Armies are maintained for years to be used on a single day.
37] Children and chickens must be always picking
38] In peace, prepare for war
39] He who wills the end, Wills the means
40] He knows most who speaks least
41] He travels the fastest who travels alone
42] A good payer is master of another’s purse
43] Many hands make light work
44] Wine is one thing; drunkenness another
45] It’s a long lane that has no turning
46] A beggar pays a benefit with a louse
47] Appetite comes with eating
48] Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.
49] Little pitchers have big ears.
50] Covetousness brings nothing home
51] Sadness and happiness succeed each other.
52] There is nothing like being on the safe side
53] A good garden may have some ill weeds
54] Tomorrow is another day
55] It is an ill bargain where no man wins
56] Dogs that bark at a distance bite not at hand
57] Sour, sweet, bitter and pungent flavours must all be tasted
58] The tyranny of a multitude is a multiplied tyranny
59] An old horse knows the route
60] It at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again
61] The folly of one man is the fortune of another
62] A mill cannot grind with water that is past
63] A fool’s bolt is soon shot
64] The proud will sooner lose than ask the way
65] A curse will not strike out an eye unless a fist goes with it
66] Old cattle breed not
67] Small is the seed of every greatness
68] Example is better than precept
69] The beaten road is the safest
70] A good face is a letter of recommendation
71] Waste is not grandeur
72] Talk of the devil, and he is bound to appear
73] What’s learnt in the cradle lasts till the tomb
74] A child can have too much of his mother’s blessings
75] The tongue is not steel, yet it cuts
76] The greatest step is that out of doors
77] Dead men tell no tales
78] A man has choice to begin love, but not to end it.
79] Better a louse in the pot than no flesh at all
80] Better a lean peace than a fat victory
81] To take revenge is often to sacrifice oneself
82] Never spend your money before you have it
83] Knavery may serve for a turn, nut honesty is best in the long run
84] To refuse and to give tardily is all the same
85] Had I fish’ was never good with garlic
86] Striving to better, often we mar what’s well.
87] Since god has not bent the top of the palm tree, he has given a long neck to the giraffe
88] Where god will help, nothing does harm
89] In vain they rise early that used to rise late
90] Heaven takes care of children, sailor and drunken men
91] You can’t take it with you when you die
92] A fool says what he knows, and a wise man knows what he says.
93] Forewarned is forearmed
94] If you don’t have good weapons, it is better for you to submit
95] All good things must come to an end
96] Pride is at the bottom of all mistakes
97] Kindle not a fire that you cannot extinguish
98] A jack of all traders is master of none
99] No sweet without sweat
100] What the fool does in the end, the wise man does at the beginning