Famous Proverbs

1] After a dream of a wedding, comes a corpse
2] Think on the end before you begin
3] Lovers’ quarrels are soon mended
4] A wicked man is his own hell
5] Slender cannot make a good man bad; when the water recedes, the stone is still there.
6] Idleness (or An idle brain) is the devil’s workshop
7] Who chatters to you, will chatter of you.
8] He who squeezes in between the onion and the peel, picks up its stink.
9] Grin and bear it
10] It is ill striving (or swimming) against the stream (or tide)
11] The worse luck now, the better another time
12] Where there’s a will there’s a way
13] Like will to like
14] You may have too much of a good thing
15] He that follows Nature , is never out of his way
16] It signifies nothing to play well if you lose.
17] The tongue stings
18] It is the bridle and spur that makes a good horse
19] Grasp all, lose all
20] Don’t play with edged tools
21] The best of friends must part
22] The best go first
23] We always weaken whatever we exaggerate
24] Long tarrying takes all the thanks away
25] Rust wastes more than use
26] The ass loaded with gold still eats thistles
27] Sickness soaks the purse
28] As soon as man is born, he begins to die
29] A watched pot never boils
30] Diamond cuts diamond
31] Punctuality is the politeness of kings.
32] Those who are used to the signs of the dumb, understand them
33] When you live next to a cemetery, you cannot weep for everyone
34] Take things as you find them
35] A woman’s work is never done
36] One cannot love and be wise
37] What is worth doing is worth doing well
38] An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden
39] The purse of the patient protracts the disease
40] Good broth may be made in an old pot
41] Eat at pleasure, drink by measure
42] Laugh and grow fat
43] All must be as God will
44] If cattle are scattered, the tiger seizes them.
45] The first day a guest, the second day a guest, the third day a calamity
46] Do not triumph before the victory
47] Time has wings
48] Hard cases make bad law
49] A man’s studies pass in to his character
50] Where god will help, nothing does harm
51] A burthen of one’s own choice is not felt
52] Man may have a thousand plans, but god’s plan is best
53] Second thoughts are best
54] It is a great victory that comes without blood
55] Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood
56] Good goods are not cheap; cheap goods are not good
57] The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it
58] An open door may tempt a saint
59] He has not lost all who has one cast left
60] Every dog has his (its) day
61] Ambition makes people diligent
62] As you bake, so shall you eat.
63] Even reckoning makes long friends
64] Easter so longed for is gone in a day
65] None can guess the jewel by the casket
66] He who pays the piper calls the tune
67] First try and then trust
68] Truth is mighty and will prevail
69] No man is a hero to his valet
70] Idle folks lack no excuses
71] No man is born wise or learned
72] All things that great men do are well done
73] Make the best of a bad job
74] There’s a black sheep in every flock
75] Never grieve for what you cannot help
76] If you can’t bite, never show your teeth.
77] A good name is better than riches
78] Gifts blind the eyes.
79] He who pays the piper calls the tune
80] He that touches pitch shall be defiled
81] Win a good reputation, and sleep at your ease
82] Two blacks do not make a white
83] Everything would fain live
84] Good counsel has no price. Nothing is given so freely as advice.
85] Use makes mastery
86] Travel broadens the mind
87] Curiosity is ill manners in another’s house
88] Better be first in a village than second at Rome
89] The ant had wings to her hurt
90] Hoist your sail when the wind is fair
91] Trust is the mother of deceit
92] Soon learnt, soon forgotten
93] Second thoughts are best
94] Virtue is the only true nobility
95] A straight stick is crooked in water
96] One learns to know oneself best behind one’s back
97] When the fox preaches, then beware your geese
98] Keep your mouth shut and your ears open
99] Eat an apple going to bed, make the doctor beg his bread.
100] Promises may make friends, but it is performances that keep them