Famous Proverbs

1] A good conscience is a sure card
2] True gold is not transformed by fire
3] Cowardice is afraid to be known or seen
4] Good is good but better carries it
5] Second thoughts are best
6] Debt is an evil conscience
7] You cannot have your cake and eat it
8] New things are fair
9] A watched pot never boils
10] It is n time to stoop when the head is off.
11] None are so fond of secrets as those who don’t mean to keep them
12] How forceful are right words
13] Those that make the best use of their time, have none to spare
14] Friends agree best at a distance
15] Ill gotten, ill spent
16] He that has a fellow-ruler, has an over-ruler. ¶ There is no good accord, where every man would be a lord
17] It is courage that wins, and not good weapons
18] No man is content with his lot
19] Make haste slowly
20] Corn him well and he will work better
21] Steer not after every mariner’s direction
22] The cord breaks t last by the weakest pull
23] Man does what he can, and God what he will
24] The fairest silk is soonest stained
25] Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still
26] One must be a servant before one can be a master
27] Once a knave, always a knave
28] It is easier to pour away water than to gather it.
29] You may have too much of a good thing
30] If you do not enter a tiger’s den, you cannot get its cubs
31] Love is without reason
32] Habits are at first cobwebs, at last cables
33] Since god has not bent the top of the palm tree, he has given a long neck to the giraffe
34] The peacock has fair features, but foul feet.
35] Prove your friend ere you have need
36] Every dog has his day
37] The child is father of the man
38] Never hit a man when he’s down
39] He that ventures not fails not.
40] One hour today is worth two tomorrow
41] A wise man hears one word and understands two
42] When bees area old, they yield n honey
43] First creep, then walk
44] He who seizes the right moment is the right man
45] Better to have one eye than be blind altogether
46] Friendship should not be all on one side
47] The Friar Preached against stealing and had a goose in his sleeve
48] The race is got by running
49] Suffering does not manifest itself
50] Little fishes slip through nets, but great fishes are taken
51] Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth
52] Pursuits become habits
53] A man may lose more in an hour than he can get in seven
54] No playing with a straw before an old cat.
55] A crowd is not company
56] White there’s life there’s hope
57] Sooner will men hold fore in the mouth than keep a secret
58] Does sound come from an unstruck drum?
59] Discretion is the better part of valour
60] He who depends on another, dines ill and sups worse
61] He who leaps high must take a long run
62] Every cloud has a silver lining
63] Don’t cry stinking fish
64] Kick a tone in anger, and you will hurt your own feet
65] III counsel mars all
66] Every law has a loophole
67] Sooner begun, sooner done
68] Patient waiters are no losers
69] Love is a disease, and the loved on is the only medicine
70] None but the brave deserves the fair
71] Wise men do not argue with idiots
72] Better an open enemy than a false friend
73] Borrowed garments never fit well
74] You must lose a fly to catch a trout
75] Health and money go far
76] Young saint, old devil.
77] He freezes who does not burn
78] Care killed the cat
79] Plain dealing is a jewel
80] Patience is the remedy of the world
81] Advice when most needed is least heeded
82] Experience without learning is better than learning without experience
83] Small is the seed of every greatness
84] One speak of rat droppings will spoil a whole pan of rice
85] Possibilities are infinite
86] Hope for the best and prepare for the worst
87] Sow thin and mow thin
88] It takes a wise man to be a fool
89] The thief doth fear each bush an offer
90] True doctrines require no miracles
91] Children and fools cannot lie.
92] When a tiger dies, it leaves a skin; when a man dies, he leaves a name
93] Mount Fuji itself is not So beautiful to one who is cold and hungry
94] When a dwarf ascends a staircase, he gets higher every step
95] The bee sucks honey out of the bitterest flowers
96] He that tells a secret, is another’s servant.
97] Marriage is a lottery
98] A good name keeps its luster in the dark
99] An old horse knows the route
100] The cow knows not what her tail is worth till she has lost it