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Stories & Events from the Life of Great and Famous Persons
  1. Gauss was born Poor and a child prodigy
  2. Gandhi's Experiments With Celibacy / Brahmacharya
  3. Charles Babbage's steam powered computer weighed fifteen tons
  4. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough.
  5. Lokasundari, the Wife Effect of CV Raman
  6. Struggle of a Scientist's Wife against Chemical Warfare
  7. Religious views of Gauss, the Great Mathematician
  8. Socrates was found guilty of corrupting the minds of the youth
  9. If...
  10. God created, Linnaeus organized
  11. Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper
  12. There is nothing proper about what you are doing, Soldier !
  13. The curious life of Pascal - illness and his strong belief
  14. Prizes for greatest benefit on mankind
  15. How 19 year old Gavrilo Princip ignited World War 1 ?
  16. Saint Paul who carried Christ's mission to alien lands and peoples
  17. Albert Einstein’s Love affair and his Marriage
  18. Pascal's Wager - Humans bet with their lives!
  19. Claude Bernard's wife divorced him protesting Cruelty to Animals
  20. Uncertainty is the greatest torture that a man suffers on earth
  21. Advantages and disadvantages of Marriage - Charles Darwin
  22. Republic needs neither scientists nor chemists
  23. "If they have no bread, let them eat cake"
  24. Discovery of world's first antibiotic
  25. Einstein refused several honors as he could not forgive the Holocaust
  26. Charles Darwin's illness helped him to achieve success
  27. Ashoka the Great - Rise and fall of Buddhism
  28. Alhazen pretended madness to escape from Egypt Ruler
  29. Charles Babbage's defence of the belief in divine miracles
  30. How Agnes Bojaxhiu became Mother Teresa – the call within call
  31. Archimedes faced death with courage
  32. First human heart transplant
  33. Apostles of Linnaeus became Martyrs for Taxonomy
  34. My real mission will begin after my death - Saint Padre Pio
  35. Mystery of Albert Einstein's Brain
  36. Mother Teresa opened "Kalighat Home for the Sick and Dying" in a Hindu Kali Temple
  37. Mother Teres’s father was a rights activist
  38. The tricky business of rewriting history
  39. Why Isaac Newton never married?
  40. What happened to the founder of human anatomy?
  41. How Casimir Funk formulated the concept of vitamins?
  42. Dostoevsky was spared at the last minute
  43. Alexander Graham Bell, the teacher of the deaf and his deaf wife
  44. Three Women behind the Diamond Necklace Affair
  45. Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, lived life to the absolute fullest
  46. Electricity and life - Galvani's experiment with frog legs
  47. CV Raman was so confident of winning the Nobel Prize
  48. End of World in 2060 ? - Newton's prediction