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Famous Proverbs

1] Give and take is fair play
2] Keep not ill men company, lest you increase the number
3] Enough is enough
4] History repeats itself
5] If fortune turns against you, even jelly breaks your tooth
6] False friends are worse than bitter enemies.
7] An ass must be tied where the master will have him
8] An honest good look covers many faults.
9] It is equally an error to trust all men or no man
10] The mob tramples on the coward
11] Cheats never prosper
12] Without wisdom, wealth is worthless
13] Time lost cannot be recalled
14] Keep your eyes open: a sale is a sale
15] When one door shuts, another opens
16] God arms the harmless
17] He who squeezes in between the onion and the peel, picks up its stink.
18] Opportunity seldom knocks twice
19] A bully never grows up.
20] Law cannot persuade where it cannot punish
21] Far from eye, far from heart
22] Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
23] Desires are nourished by delays
24] The tide never goes out so far but it always comes in again
25] The kind-hearted person has a heavy load.
26] Never spur a willing horse
27] He should have (or He needs) a long spoon who sups with the devil
28] It is a great victory that comes without blood
29] One man’s loss is another’s gain
30] Every law has a loophole
31] Findings are keepings
32] Nothing befalls any man which he is not fitted to endure
33] Welcome is the best dish in the kitchen
34] Fools grow without watering.
35] Hew not too high lest the chips fall in thine eye
36] A good paymaster never wants workmen
37] There’s no such thing as free as a free lunch
38] Honey catches more files than vinegar.
39] We can live without our friends, but not without our neighbours
40] Money isn’t everything
41] He who never was sick dies the first fit
42] They bow to you when borrowing; you bow to them when collecting
43] Truth may walk through the world unarmed
44] Hasty work, double work,
45] Better to wear out than rust out
46] Borrowed garments never fit well
47] He that will steal an egg, will steal an ox
48] He who does nothing but sits and eats, will wear away a mountain of wealth
49] Nature is the true law
50] It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life
51] Content is more than a kingdom
52] Self do, self have
53] All cats are grey in the dark
54] There is no royal road to learning
55] You cannot get ivory from a dog’s mouth
56] One swallow does not make a summer
57] Even the compelling beauty of the Diamond Mountain cannot be appreciated when the stomach is empty
58] A merry companion is a wagon on the way
59] Will without reason is blind, and against reason, is mad
60] Love turns pimples
61] If you can’t bite, never show your teeth.
62] Time has wings
63] Curiosity killed the cat.
64] A rich man can do nothing wrong
65] One father is more than a hundred school masters
66] It is easier to commend poverty than endure it.
67] Man cannot live by bread alone
68] Bear with evil and expect good
69] Birds of a feather flock together
70] Penny wise, pound foolish
71] It is ill jesting with edged tools
72] Virtue has all things in itself
73] There is a black sheep in every flock
74] One good deed makes up for a thousand bad ones.
75] He that mischief hatches mischief catches.
76] A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country and in his home
77] What can’t be cured must be endured
78] Love sees no fault
79] Books and friends should be few but good
80] Calamity is man’s true touchstone
81] Truth has no need of rhetoric
82] Advice is something the wise don’t need and fools won’t take
83] Don’t build the sty before the litter comes
84] A barber learns to shave by shaving fools
85] It is easy to do what one’s own self wills
86] Fortune favours the brave (or bold).
87] Work smart; don’t work hard
88] No answer is also an answer
89] A little body often harbours a great soul
90] How who makes no mistakes, makes nothing.
91] Names and natures do often agree
92] A thousand cranes in the air are not worth one sparrow in the fist.
93] Give me fire and I’ll give you light
94] Like breeds like
95] The dog is a lion in his own house
96] How ever much you learn, you won’t know how to raise the dead
97] He who does not rise early never does a good day’s work
98] Naughty boys sometimes make good men.
99] If you would know the value of a ducat, try to borrow one
100] It is no use crying over spilt milk