Way of the Cross - Prayers

(A free translation of the "Way of the Cross" written by Fr. Abel CMI in Malayalam language.)

Opening Prayer

Eternal God, we worship you. Dear Lord, we thank you for sacrificing your life for sinful men.

You blessed us and loved us to the end. You have said that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's beloved.

The last journey carrying the cross from Pilate's house to Calvary was the greatest display of Your love. We also follow you as a pilgrimage after the mother, through that path of tears and blood.

Lord, you informed us that the way to heaven is strait and the gate is narrow. Lord, help us to walk through that narrow road, bearing with joy the pains and crosses that come to us every day of life.

Christ at the Cross.

Station-1: Jesus is condemned to death

O Lord my God, though you were blameless, you were condemned to die on the cross.

When others misunderstand me, criticize me mercilessly and judge me guilty, please bless me to bear it all calmly like You.

Help me to sincerely pray for them without thinking about their intentions.

Station-2: Jesus carries His cross

O Lord, You have said that whoever wants to follow me should deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

I follow your blood-stained footsteps, carrying the cross of my sorrows and sufferings. O Lord who comforts the weary and burdened, help me to bear all my afflictions without complaint.

Station-3: Jesus falls the first time

"He bears our burdens. He endured for us."

Lord, the cross I bear is heavy. Often I fall to the ground with the cross. Others make fun of it and add to my pain.

Lord, teach me to control myself when I fall. Help me when I am too weak to bear the cross.

Station-4: Jesus meets His Mother

"He who sows in tears reaps in joy". "The trivial sorrows of this world bring us eternal happiness."

O Divine Saviour, drowned in the ocean of sorrow, may Your Mother's example comfort us in our lonely moments of suffering.

We know that our sins are the cause of Your and Your Mother's sorrow. Please help us to atone them all.

Station-5: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his Cross

Merciful Lord, if I had seen you in this condition, I would have forgotten myself and helped you.

But you have said that whenever you helped one of these little brothers of mine, you did it for me. So bless me to see you in those around me and help them in every way possible.

Then I will be blessed like Simon, and your suffering will be completed through me.

Station-6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Let somebody say something. Love knows no obstacle. "The pure in heart shall see him". "No one who trusts in You will be disappointed." She took her handkerchief reverently and wiped his bloodied face politely.

"I looked for people who sympathized with me. I found none. There was no one to comfort me." These words spoken by you through the prophet are ringing in my ears.

Loving Lord, I long to sympathize with You and comfort You like Veronica. Please mark the indelible mark of suffering on my heart.

Station-7: Jesus falls the second time

"I have fallen into the mire, and my soul is grieved and weary". The people around are mocking. He doesn't care about that. "Should I not drink the cup that my Father gave me?". He wants nothing more than to fulfill the will of the Father.

Messiah, who bore all the burdens of human sins, we come to You to comfort You. Without You we have no power to do anything. We fall down under the weight of life and cannot get up. Please extend your hand and help us.

Station-8: Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

He forgets himself and consoles them.

O Lord, the refuge of the humble, God who comforts us in times of trouble, we mourn for your terrible sufferings. Bless us to weep for our sins that caused them and to live holy lives in the future.

Station-9: Jesus falls beneath His cross the third time

O Lord, who redeemed the sins of the world, how insignificant my pains are before Your torments.

But because of the burdens of life, I often get tired. Difficulties keep bothering me. Before one pain was over, another came.

Give me the strength to bear them all in remembrance of You, without being disappointed in life.

Because I don't know how long my life will be. The night time when no one should work is approaching.

Station-10: Jesus is stripped of His garments

O Messiah, who suffered excruciating pain when the blood-stained clothes were taken off, bless me to strip off the sinful old man and put on You, and live as another Christ.

Station-11: Jesus is nailed to the cross

O Lord, Savior of the world, the world crucified You who came with a new message of love.

Because you are not of the world, the world hated you. You have said that there is no servant greater than the master.

We know that those who persecuted you will persecute us also. Bless us to be crucified with You, to die to the world and live only for You.

Station-12: Jesus dies on the Cross

"I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and what stress I am under until it is completed!".

Lord, You have accomplished the Baptism You desired. You have completed Your burnt offering. My sacrifice also will be completed once. I too will die one day. Allow me to pray, like you did that day.

"My Father, I have glorified you on earth. I completed the work that was assigned to me. Therefore, glorify me with You."

Station-13: Jesus's body taken down off the cross and laid in the arms of his mother Mary

O most worried mother, Who can describe the grief you felt, when your beloved son, lying on your lap, said his last farewell in a mute language?

From the first time you held the little child of God and up to Golgotha, you remembered each and every one of the events vividly. Then considering the pains you endured at that time, Give us courage and comfort in the lonely moments of life's sorrow.

Station-14: Jesus is laid in the Holy Sepulchre

O Messiah, who entered into the glory through endless suffering, We know that those who die with you will live with you. We are also buried with you through baptism.

Bless us to live dead to sin by thinking about your suffering day and night.

Concluding Prayer

O righteous father, look upon the beloved son who has sacrificed himself to appease you. Accept your Son who died for us and forgive us our sins and have mercy on us.

The holy blood shed by Your beloved Son in Golgotha prays for us. Accept our prayers for that holy blood.

We know that our sin is great. But your mercy is greater than that. When considering our sins, consider this atoning sacrifice for them also.

Your dear Son was nailed and speared for our sins. His sufferings are enough to please you.

Praise be to the Father who gave us His Son and worship to the Son who saved us by dying on the cross And thanks be to the Holy Spirit who completed the work of salvation. Amen...